Competition winners

30 x $30 Woolworths WISH eGift Card

05-06-2017 to 02-07-2017

That's a great start to the week and thank you so much its very appreciated!!! Can't believe I have won!!

It's wonderful that you include monthly prize draws, in addition to the Purkle dollars. It give people even more of an incentive to participate and helps build a user base. Thank you Purkle!

Thank you for the nice news.

I was very excited to receive this bonus. I complete these surveys and collect $ so that at Xmas I have some extra funds to spend on luxuries. I never really thought that these bonus entries would actually result in a bonus. Thanks from one very happy Purkle contributor.

Thanks for the gift card and keep up the good work

Participating in the surveys is fun no matter whether or not you end up being part of the targeted group for the survey being done.

Wow what a surprise to receive an email that I was not expecting, informing me that I had won a prize for filling in a survey that took me all of only a few minutes. Thank you so much and I look forward to filling in many more surveys in the future.

Thank you Purkle, thrilled to win $30 gift card.

Being retired the surveys give me a chance to contribute to a diverse range of topics. The voucher is much appreciated.

I have been a happy Purkler for a while now and a gift card win is a nice surprise.

Thanks so much for this! It's such a lovely surprise, after all these years of doing surveys I didn't think I would ever win one of these draws so it's a lovely opportunity.

I was delighted to hear that I’d won a $30 Woolworths Wish e-Gift card for simply answering a few surveys. Thank you so much, I look forward to doing more surveys through Purkle.

Pleasantly surprised to hear I won an eGift card. Very happy. Will come in very handy with two young boys.

Firstly I would like to thank Purkle for having drawn my name for this prize. It means a lot to me as being participating in the surveys makes it all worthwhile to get a bonus for the little time spent on doing the surveys.

Thank you for the $30 Woolworths prize. I must admit to being surprised as I have attempted to complete a number of surveys lately but have not qualified to complete them, so this is a nice reward for my attempts.

Thanks Purkle for the prize. I enjoy completing the surveys and the rewards I have received.

Thank you Purkle for picking me as the lucky winner of the Woolworths voucher! I'll put the voucher towards some fuel for my car and it was a very nice surprise! Thanks Purkle!

Thank you so much for the win! Look forward to filling my pantry with a Woolworths shop!

Thank you! What a wonderful surprise!

I am very happy to receive a Woolworths eGift card as these are what I usually redeem my Purkle dollars for. Thank you for this prize!

Thank you so much for the gift card. I usually don't win a thing so this is great and will help with the groceries or maybe just something a little bit special.

$2,500 prepaid VISA card Quarterly Prize winner

01-01-2017 to 02-04-2017

$100 VISA card

01-11-2016 to 05-12-2016